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Super 6 Tournament


The Greek Women’s Softball National team competed in the Super 6 softball tournament, held in Amsterdam from 18-22 September 2018. This competition was staged for the first time and featured the top 6 teams from the European Softball and Baseball championships. In this top level competition the Greek team had the opportunity to gain more experience at top international level and showed significant signs of improvement.

Eventually, the team finished 5 th , gaining a spot compared to their finish at the last European Championships, and proved that will be serious contenders for laurels at future European and International competitions.

The results of the Greek team were:

Great Britain – Greece 7-3
Czech Republic – Greece 5-6
Greece – Russia 2-7
Netherlands – Greece 14-4
Greece – Italy 1-9
Russia – Greece 4-5

The team, lead by HSF President Mr. Kostis LIAROMMATIS consisted of Antonino FOTI (Head Caoch), Dennis HORAFAS (Assistant Coach) and players LYSIKATOS Samantha, PANOS Katerina, ILIOPOULOS Anyssa, BAZOS Alexis, PAPAVASILIOU Nicolet, STAVROU Loren, LYSIKATOS Chelsea, ZAVITSANOU Theourania, RUNYON Chelsea, NYKAZA Brianna, MARINAKIS Efthimia, KARAMOUZIS Kathryn, SPYRAKIS Eleni, ZEPEDA Maria and SKAROGIANNI Theodora

For more information, results and statistics you can visit the tournament official website

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